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NSJ Floor Supply supplies all you need to successfully complete your next Miami home construction project - no matter how big or small it is. Check out our great selection of door trims, casings, crown moldings and baseboards to start bringing your vision to life. When you shop at NSJ Floor Supply, you’re buying quality.

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Choose primed pine wood and MDF baseboards for your Miami home. These moldings are available and in stock in colonial and modern designs. Looking for something unique? Dozens of special order designs available.

Door Trims and Casings

We stock the most popular styles of primed wood baseboard. We also have a selection of wood and MDF door finishes features a wide assortment of materials and floor sizes. 

Crown Moldings

Finish your Miami home remodeling project or add to your home décor with crown moldings. Crown moldings enlarge the room and are the finishing touch to any room.

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